Database Driven Websites

In today’s world, in most cases it is going to be very difficult for people to get by with just a simple website. Even the most rudimentary of websites was a great thing to have just a few years ago, but with the internet things tend to change a lot quicker than with other media and therefore in today’s world you need something bigger and better if you really want your website to get a lot of exposure.

What websites are popular today? Well, for the most part they are going to be websites that have an element of dynamism to them. In other words, they are websites that are going to allow people the change to interact with the website and change the contents of the website in some way, shape or form. These are the types of websites that tend to be most popular today and the way in which they are made popular is through the use of the PHP scripting language. According to a popular digital marketing company, PHP is one of the most important scripting languages of today and arguably one of the most important coding languages in general. It has completely changed the way that people look at the internet and a quick look below will show you exactly what PHP has enabled in the internet world.

Efficient Content Management Systems: A content management system is a software package that allows you to store content in different ways on your internet website. There are many different content management systems around in today’s internet world, but the one that most people will already have heard of is the blog content management system. When you blog, you are not only adding new information to your website without having to update a whole lot of code, but you are also arranging that information in most cases in reverse chronological order, once again without having to edit a lot of code. This makes blogs very popular today, but blogs would not be possible without the PHP scripting language. The same web design firm mentioned above has commented on how the blogging revolution would not have been accomplished (at least not in the same degree) without server scripting languages that were easy to use and at the top of that particular list of languages is PHP.

Easy Display of Statistics: Statistics are the lifeblood of many things in the world today. Whether it is statistics to be used in polls and opinion surveys by politicians or alternatively statistics regarding the performance of athletes in the many great sports in the world, the easy display of statistics was a problem for most people. This is because without dynamic websites, it is difficult to update statistics in real time. Therefore, the advent of the PHP mathematics in combination with the MySQL databases and languages has allowed people to display real time statistics on websites that update every time a change is made to the database. Since those databases can actually be changed through interaction with the website in a lot of cases, the job just gets easier and easier; all thanks to PHP.